Willing to Let Your Guard Down?

I’m vulnerable, you’ve hooked me, I’m a little bit nervous and at the same time, feel so alive.

That was how I woke up feeling after going on a fabulous date with an incredible guy.  Everyone has their defense mechanism styles, which are usually just habits we solidified after learning that a particular tactic has helped us to survive in this world.   No, we are not being chased by tigers anymore, like some of our ancestors once were, yet the brain still goes into a protective mode when it feels threatened.

I’ve often chosen to keep my guard up because it seemed like a “safe” way to navigate uncharted territory.  There is a right time and right place to protect ourselves and be cautious – and other moments when choosing trust and being open to limitless possibilities will serve us instead.   On this day, I have selected the latter – I have let my guard down and there’s so much happening with this experience.  I decided to consider each of these thoughts and create a subtle shift in the use of my language for each of them:


I’m vulnerable.

nervouslipsIn choosing to be more candid about who I am, and revealing more information about myself than I might in a typical conversation, I feel like I am exposing myself to judgement.  Funny thing is, that is true every time I open my mouth.  So why do I care more about how what I’m saying is received now?  I am not here to impress anyone.  I am ready to be my most amazing, authentic self and let that shine through.  I know at my core, that I am totally independent of the good and bad opinions of others.  So instead, I am re-phrasing my thought:

I celebrate all my feelings and nurture my vulnerability.  It is one part of the multi-dimensional being I am.

Clinging and Attachment

You’ve hooked me.

There’s so much underlying meaning in this phrase.  First and foremost, there is a concept that someone else is doing the action to me.  Some of my best qualities seem to shine brighter after meeting this man and I crave motivation to continuously strive for even more excellence.  Rather than embrace this new outlook, I transferred much of the credit to him and began clinging to the concept that he was needed for my fabulous qualities to be in full effect.  Well, that’s clearly not true since I’m the one doing the action!  Of course, it is amazing to surround myself with a strong network that supports and elevates me, and I am grateful to have another resource in this realm.  However, my perception and interpretation is really the focus:

I take responsibility for my life and how I choose to interpret what surrounds me.  I will loosen my grip of desire and appreciate the experience as it unfolds, detached from the outcome.  


I’m a little bit nervous.

It can be scary to wander the unknown path and begin to trust.  And yet every decision we really ever make comes down to choosing love or fear.  Gabrielle Bernstein, often references A Course in Miracles, which states “the first step in choosing love over fear is to understand your fear.”   Fears are often created by patterns we run and can stem from outdated programing in our mind’s belief system.  When we become open to let go of our fear, we open our heart, mind and energy to be guided to a new perspective.   This is easier said than done – even writing this post makes me nervous!!   Yet, I am pushing through these barriers because I created this site to share – for my own self reflection and with the belief that if even just one other person is moved to action by these words and chooses openness, trust and elevating themselves, it will create a potential ripple effect which could be astonishingly impactful.  So with this in mind, I make this statement:

I choose love over fear.  Today I see obstacles as opportunities and know that the Universe has my back.

Living in the Moment

And at the same time, feel so alive

nowsignHow amazing that I am embracing life and feeling full.  Part of the reason is because I’m excited for the possibilities that could be in the future and thinking fondly on experiences of the past.  While those can be beautiful moments, they are fleeting and illusive.  The moment I have is right now and I can cherish that by bringing my attention to the current scenario.  While this statement stands on its own, I have injected the idea with even more gratitude and appreciation:

I have gratitude for this beautiful moment that I am living, right now.  With appreciation, I am thrilled to be experiencing NOW just as it is meant to unfold.  

I do not know what tomorrow brings, so I will savor today and get comfortable with this experience – embracing all these parts because they are intertwined and all part of my ongoing journey.  What are you being cautious with and are you willing to let your guard down?  How can you be more receptive and kind to yourself today?  Feel free to share in the comments below.

~ Health, Happiness and Prosperity ~

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