Sound Immersion

Universal resonanace

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed” – this is the law of conservation of energy.

And this energy that travels through the vibration of the sound waves can be transformative to the human body.

Humans are made up of 60% water on average and the vibrations that go deep into our cellular composition have incredible benefits.

Creating sound immersion through gongs, singing bowls, rain sticks and chimes, to name a few, goes beyond just relaxation.  The healing benefits can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, recalibrate the immune system and allow for an overall mind and body reset…


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla

Crystal Sound Bowl Vibrations

"You're like a DJ with the bowls - flowing and connecting with nature..."
- Kate N.

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So what exactly is sound immersion?  Sound sessions vary – just like different types of yoga classes.  In general, the experience is about relaxation and usually takes place lying down and resting (sometimes even snoring), typically lasting 1 – 2 hours.

Imagine a space where you can set up a yoga mat or bring blankets and pillows, get comfy and just listen to natural vibrations that are in surround sound all around you. From deep, cosmic tones to light, airy chimes with drumming, rain sticks and other accompaniments, this is a concert like no other.

The best part is that the sound frequencies resonate at a cellular level, so whether you fall asleep or just listen to the beats, there is a fundamental shift occurring – and all you do is relax!   Sound too good to be true?  Join me as we journey on a sound immersion together – sign up for the newsletter for updates on events.

Did you know that our planet rings like a bell, with shock waves passing through the center of the earth?  Using 432Hz crystal singing bowls and a deep and harmonious gong, we will connect with the fundamental vibrations of the universe. 

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