Embrace Summer Days

Hot days, the beach, melting popsicles and relaxation – that’s what reminds me of summertime. All my cares just drifted away as I laughed with friends – at least that’s what I did as a kid at day camp many years ago!

summerdaysInterestingly, I once again have a similar schedule to those long lost summer days again. After stepping away from the corporate world a few months ago, I’ve given myself the beautiful space to just “be” for the next few months – all time for summer play!!  So why I am still fretting about feeling like I’m not “doing” enough? Instead of chilling poolside, I’m constantly checking email. Rather than take a long sunset stroll, I find myself in traffic – in LA – running errands.

Maybe you can relate.  Think about one of your great vacations – you’re really finally starting to relax, getting the perfect incline on your beach chair – and then you realize…it’s the last day before packing up to head home.  Why does it seem that we often let precious moments slip away?

This is a process:  the whole thing called life – every action, every excitement, every misstep – is all part of the journey.  Since I’ve only been on this schedule for a few weeks, I am learning that this change in lifestyle, however amazing and welcoming it is, may still take some getting used to.  So I  created a little list as simple reminders to enjoy carefree summer days even more:

  • Embrace the present moment.  It is a gift in each moment with whatever arrives – misty mornings, heat waves, maybe even unexpected rain during 4th of July fireworks.
  • Drop the to-do list. Okay, I’m a little too practical for that, although I have gotten creative and planned certain days for getting things done so I can have other days just for 100% play time.
  • Appreciate nature. Watch the sunset, get up at dawn and listen to the birds, look up at the clouds and see what shapes are formed.
  • Connect with friends! Grab a fruity cocktail or mocktail.  Meet in person, together, just for fun!  Because when you look back at memories, this time relaxing and laughing will likely be what stands out above all…

Simple, right?   The question is, can you go from knowing them intuitively to making them a reality?  Summer days are here – this is a great time to start!  Here’s to being a kid again…