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Have you ever felt like you were being pulled to do something? And then it happened…that other voice in your head spoke up louder saying “This isn’t the right time.  Once I’m more prepared, then I’ll make a change”.  I was very familiar with the on-going desire to make a change and yet I wasn’t yet prepared to take the leap – until now. Recently I kicked off a new chapter in my life, stepping away from the corporate world and beginning a journey focused on cultivating mindfulness and meditation.


While this transition filled with plenty of unknowns, there’s a few insights that have jumped out to me.  Here’s your invitation to begin to shift your perspective through these remarkable experiences:

Taking Action: Over the last few years, I’d begun following a path of non-conformity (thanks to incredible resources, including Live Your Legend and World Domination Summit) and this just seemed like the next right action. What other people term as bold and courageous truly felt so natural and congruent…once I’d fully stepped into the new space of the unknown.

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.  – Jim Rohn

Interestingly, it was the time prior to making the decision that was most challenging – considering the pros and cons, being fearful of what I was giving up with income and crucial benefits, like health insurance.  Here’s the thing, I made a decision for right now to explore my path from a different perspective – the corporate world is still right around the corner if I’d like to return! Sure, it wouldn’t be identical…and how cool is that? Because look what I got in return – time to cultivate my true inner voice and reconnect with me!  HOW AMAZING!!

When I was attempting to juggle and have my feet in 2 places, I felt stuck and lots of activities seem like a burden. With both feet heading in the same direction, I now have so much more flexibility. Everything will not be sunshine and unicorns going forward (or maybe it will)!  The difference is I now have more balance and options to maneuver to handle what comes my way…

Biggest Surprise: one of my colleagues I would term a “lifer” – because he’s been with the company for 11 years (which in the online community is multiplied like dog years) – asked me after he heard the news, “you think they’d let me take a sabbatical?”

The seed was planted!! While this was certainly not my ultimate intention, the ripple effect  of my action provided space for the question to be contemplated by someone else. It was a subtle shift – if we all had these experiences and continued cultivating our true desires, in alignment with our higher self, then just imagine how much we would elevate the consciousness of the planet as a collective. 

Eye-Opening Moment: the outpouring of support! WOW. There’s a phrase, “jump, and the net will appear”.  As part of this transition, I moved from the east coast back to the west coast where I grew up and know my network is strong here. On the day I actually moved, I received messages of support from friends and acquaintances all over the world – my net is massive and expansive…and it always has been.

I was looking past so many people right in front of me. Once I made this announcement and shared a little more about myself, I could see more clearly.  My openness allowed me to accept more in – friendship, support and connection.  What a fabulous reminder as I take these next steps along the journey of life:  Be open, love fiercely, stay curious!

This is likely the first of many writings on the topic of taking a leap, transitioning, leaning into the unknown.  What are your specific questions?  I would be thrilled to explore this subject from many perspectives with you so you can feel confident to shift your perspective and live fully into your dream.

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