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I’m sure this will be the first of many posts about a great vision called Live Your Legend. Today, creator Scott Dinsmore, opened a 3-day contest asking what you would do with the help of anyone you wanted and promoting his Connect with Anyone course. Let me be clear about 2 things:

1) I rarely post comments, feedback or questions online. Of course, now that I’ve begun this site and started sharing more about myself, I find more comfort interacting with online communities. However, up until recently, I’ve been much more a voyeur than a participant.

2) I am really not looking for a lifetime scholarship to join Connect with Anyone and a series of other courses , which is the prize of the contest. (and yet, I know I would do even more incredible things if I am selected as a winner)

The Creed of Living Legends
The Creed of Living Legends

So, with all that said, I was amazed by the compelling thrust within me that was so strong, I had to create a response. The best part of this is that while I was thinking about what to say and how to position the idea, I opened the next email in my inbox and there was this phenomenally ideal quote ready for me to pluck it up and use it as the catalyst for the contest entry. And so I did! Here’s the quote I used:

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.  – Pablo Picasso


I then proceeded to frantically write a semi-nonsensical passionate plea that I will translate here into a more meaningful thought and maybe even drive you to take action.  It is simply this – if each one of us was to truly embrace our own unique talents and gifts and in turn, recognize and respect each others gifts, we’d be living in a much more pleasant, peaceful and motivated society – elevating ourselves and others around us.

So let me ask – what special gift do you have (and yes, we all have at least one!)?  Think back to when you were young.  What did you want to be when you grew up?  What excites you and puts a smile on your face just by thinking about it?  And even if nothing jumps out at you right now , start noticing when you do a task at work or home that you look forward to vs. the ones that you always procrastinate on.  What are the commonalities of the experiences you look forward to?  What are questions people ask you about that are so easy and natural for you to answer? What would motivate you to jump out of bed early and get the day started?

Sharing my excitement about mindfulness, motivation and meditation and how we can elevate our consciousness is what fires me up!  Tell me your ideas in the comments below.

~ Health, Happiness and Prosperity ~

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