Golden Buddha – Discover the Beauty Within

It is so easy to get caught up in the daily routine and hustle of life – wake up, hit the snooze button, running late, check phone, check texts – and that was just the first few moments of the day!  So in running through … Read more

Sharing Ideas and a Waiter’s Notepad

A waiter’s notepad is crucial for all the servers out there who don’t have the most-perfect memorization skills. From all of us customers who like our order just right, we appreciate the use of this cool little tool to communicate our culinary desires to the … Read more

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

A couple of weeks ago, the next generation of iPhone was released – the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the all-new Apple Watch.  These are part of the future of Apple built on the foundation of innovative Apple technology created with Steve Jobs as … Read more

Let the quest begin!

I recently had the pleasure to attend an event dedicated to personal quests!  It was the book signing event for Chris Guillebeau’s most recent writing release called “The Happiness of Pursuit” and it was epic and inspiring.  The room was filled with like-minded people who … Read more

Evolving Beyond Ego

You’ll learn how we can awaken and align with the “evolutionary self,” a usually dormant spiritual capacity within each of us that brings our highest potentials within reach,  how we can awaken this evolutionary self and keep it in the driver’s seat of our lives. … Read more

Motivational Feedback Tactics

So you need to have a tough discussion?  I was recently asked for suggestions about motivational feedback tactics, although the specific request was how to create motivation while delivering news about failure.  Well, let’s start off with semantics – it is one of my favorite … Read more

The other captivating commencement speech

Neil Gaiman – Who??? That’s what I thought as I was already captivated for about 10 minutes watching the full feature video of the commencement address for the University of the Arts in 2012. I literally paused the video, did a search for this guy, … Read more