Meditation Ideas for August 2014

It’s summer! The sun is shining and by now, maybe you’ve enjoyed some relaxing days at the beach and yummy outdoor BBQs. And yet, do you still have a feeling of being unsettled and a bit stressed out? Are you thinking: “What’s my career path?” … Read more

Meditation in Modern Life

Lots of people ask why I started this site.  Well, like all of us, I have experienced UPs and DOWNs in this wild ride called life!  And in the last few years, I really started considering how I’ve chosen to react or respond to the … Read more

Evolving Beyond Ego

You’ll learn how we can awaken and align with the “evolutionary self,” a usually dormant spiritual capacity within each of us that brings our highest potentials within reach,  how we can awaken this evolutionary self and keep it in the driver’s seat of our lives. … Read more

Motivational Feedback Tactics

So you need to have a tough discussion?  I was recently asked for suggestions about motivational feedback tactics, although the specific request was how to create motivation while delivering news about failure.  Well, let’s start off with semantics – it is one of my favorite … Read more

Lesson of Kindness and Gratitude

Everybody is triggered with emotions over different experiences.  This video strikes a heart-wrenching chord with me every time I watch it. It is a story about a father’s giving and the important lesson of kindness and gratitude he teaches his son. I have seen it … Read more

Say it when you Feel it

I was getting ready to head home after a little shopping excursion (ok, maybe it was medium-sized) and a salt craving called to me into the McDonald’s I was walking by. Did you read my post about the health food kick? It’s just that, a … Read more

The other captivating commencement speech

Neil Gaiman – Who??? That’s what I thought as I was already captivated for about 10 minutes watching the full feature video of the commencement address for the University of the Arts in 2012. I literally paused the video, did a search for this guy, … Read more