Sharing Ideas and a Waiter’s Notepad

A waiter’s notepad is crucial for all the servers out there who don’t have the most-perfect memorization skills. From all of us customers who like our order just right, we appreciate the use of this cool little tool to communicate our culinary desires to the … Read more

In Giving, We Receive

Ever been dared or challenged by a friend??  Maybe you have nicer friends than me!  Well, I was in a deep dialogue with a friend about the concept of this quote and was ultimately challenged to follow this lesson for one day, reminding me of … Read more

Living in the Moment…NOW

I love silence. I love the sophistication that comes along with the moments of silence. Or maybe that was just my perception when I wrote this sitting in the luxury of the Asiana first class lounge in Seoul .  It had been an epic trip … Read more

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

A couple of weeks ago, the next generation of iPhone was released – the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the all-new Apple Watch.  These are part of the future of Apple built on the foundation of innovative Apple technology created with Steve Jobs as … Read more

Let the quest begin!

I recently had the pleasure to attend an event dedicated to personal quests!  It was the book signing event for Chris Guillebeau’s most recent writing release called “The Happiness of Pursuit” and it was epic and inspiring.  The room was filled with like-minded people who … Read more

Want to master the art of communication?

What are the traits of an effective leader?  How about clear communication, persuasiveness and being able to motivate and captivate an audience, to name a few.  Are you interested in how you can learn practical skills that will elevate your personal and professional life?   All … Read more

Variety is the Spice of Meditation

Last week I promised to follow-up on the topic of putting 7 daily spiritual principles into action.  As I continue to learn more about meditation and mindfulness, one of the things that has been really enjoyable is realizing there are so many recipes to choose … Read more