Removing the Burden to Live in the Now

“The Burden” – that’s the message I received.  What started as excitement, anticipation and curiosity quickly turned into anxiety, fear and self-doubt.  My shoulders slumped and I felt myself shrinking inside, hoping not be noticed…even though nobody else was in the room.  Where did these … Read more

4 Steps to Overcoming Obstacles

Have you ever been devastated after attempting to achieve something and you did not reach the desire result? This topic comes from an inspiring advocate whose passion is to help others create a business and life they love – Marie Forleo.  She recently had a … Read more

The Struggle of Love and Fear

I’ve been grappling a lot lately about what is the purpose of BuddhaInspired. So much in fact, that I completely got myself tangled up into a tightly knit ball of stress for the better part of the last 2 months. How ironic – one of … Read more

7 Spiritual Laws of Success in Action

7 Spiritual Laws of Success in Action So I’ve written about basic meditation techniques – sitting comfortably in silent observation, maybe including a mantra or following a guided program. In addition to taking a few moments daily to quiet the mind, I’d like to introduce … Read more

How to Navigate this Lousy World

Pema Chödrön – if you are not familiar with the individual behind this name, then you are in for an eye-opener right now! Pema Chödrön is a Buddhist teacher, nun and author, as well as a mother and grandmother, so she draws extensively from a … Read more

In Giving, We Receive

Ever been dared or challenged by a friend??  Maybe you have nicer friends than me!  Well, I was in a deep dialogue with a friend about the concept of this quote and was ultimately challenged to follow this lesson for one day, reminding me of … Read more

Living in the Moment…NOW

I love silence. I love the sophistication that comes along with the moments of silence. Or maybe that was just my perception when I wrote this sitting in the luxury of the Asiana first class lounge in Seoul .  It had been an epic trip … Read more